Soothing Sound and Gentle Vibrations Effortlessly Guide You into Deep and Mindful Meditation.

Your stress will melt away as you drift deeper and deeper into mindful rest. Feel completely refreshed.

Do you have long days performing at a high level where it can be difficult to quiet the busy mind and rest the body?

Our meditation chair is an effective solution to both problems. With no work from the user the track design and technology quiets the busy mind and quiets the fight or flight response. The result is deep psychological relaxation, theta and delta brainwave states all while the powerful vibrations put the body in a deep rest state. A 1hr session is the equivalent of a 4 hour sleep cycle in the amount of deep rest for the body and you are not groggy or tired after a session, but deeply relaxed and have more energy- ideal for peak performance. We are improving cellular mitochondrial cellular communication with our patented magnetic field frequency transducer increasing energy flow.

Mayo clinic has published a study showing significant stress reduction from each 30 min and 60 min session.

The Mayo Clinic Study found:

"Spending at least 25 minutes in the chair with multilayered music is an effective way to reduce self-reported stress in individuals who self-report having a high stress level.”

“The chair could potentially have applications in medical environments where stress is an impediment to optimal care (eg, chemotherapy suites, pre-procedure areas, etc).”

“Given the passive nature of the intervention, it may also be a viable option to expand stress reduction to a large patient/consumer market where current offerings that require active participation are not meeting the needs of many individuals."

"Participants in this group reported a statistically significant improvement in stress, anxiety, tension, nervousness, relaxation, and the perception of being creative and rested after use."

"78.2% indicated they would use the lounge chair again and 83.0% said they would recommend it to others."

"Spending (at least) 25 minutes in a chair with multi-layered music with vibration and magnetic stimulation seems to be an effective way to reduce stress in individuals who report high stress. Participants receiving the vibration and magnetic stimulation additionally reported feeling significantly less tense, more creative, and more rested."

“Mindful Chair is amazing! I always wake up refreshed, relaxed and clear minded. My most treasured experience in the chair is when I experienced such a relaxed internal state that all I could feel was pure joy and love. I recommend the chair for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation effortlessly.”

Maria Registered Nurse

“I use Mindful Chair technology with clients in conjunction with mindfulness and stress management classes. It has been a powerful tool of transformation.”

Anna Physical Therapist 

“This has been a fabulous tool for patients to simply achieve a deep level of relaxation. Clients have overcome sleep disturbances, pain and anxiety.”

Rachel Chiropractor & Health Coach

“I’ve only used the chair for 2 weeks and have had transformative breakthroughs with how I’m dealing with stress. I am much less fearful in all situations.”

Jeri Lou Client 

“The Mindful Chair provides a unique experience. Healing audio, an audio body massage, relaxation, stress reduction, mindfulness, all in one. During a session, my energy/spirit/soul roams and creates, while my body relaxes and heals. I always leave a Mindful Chair session feeling better than starting it. I feel rested, energized, healthy and in a good mood. I look forward to more people experiencing the Mindful Chair.”

Jarod Booking & MGMT

“I have been utilizing chair sessions along with nutritional recommendations to help my clients make energetic shifts. The results have been incredible!”

Julie Nutritionist & Health Coach

“So glad to have found this amazing tool. Incredible relaxation is achieved and phenomenal experiences of different kinds.”

Debbie Client 
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